Tillamook Country Smoker

Tillamook Country Smoker Standard Sets consist of a variety of unique, popular items in six distinct assortments. Each single set you choose will fulfill one store placement. Be sure to adjust your quantity based on the number of stores you will be setting.  

Beef Jerky: This wide variety of popular, real hardwood smoked meat snacks includes our silver dollar beef jerky to our zero sugar beef jerky and everything in between.

Smoked Sausages: From snack sticks to BIG sticks; from meat sticks in a jar to meat sticks in a bag, this set includes has consumers’ smoked sausage needs covered.

Zero Sugar This popular collection of beef jerky and meat sticks are keto-friendly and sugar-free, available in bags and sticks.

Chophouse Bites: This set offers consumers a tempting new option – smoked 100% premium tender pork bites with 7-9 grams of protein per serving. Available in four popular flavors.

Bulk Meat Snacks: Silver dollar beef jerky and other bulk meat snacks available in all the classic flavors. For consumers who want more than a single meat stick or bag of beef jerky.

Best Sellers: This collection features the TCS real hardwood smoked jerky and smoked sausages that have been consumer favorites since 1975.

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