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  • At Snak Club and Century Snacks, we believe a peanut is just a peanut until you put Tajin® on it, or coat it with Hidden Valley Ranch®, or toss it with peanut butter M&M’s® and butter toffee peanuts. A snack is just a snack until you elevate it to greatness. With Snak Club, you know you’re getting bold flavors, bold partnerships, and even bolder snacks.

    Snak Club has over 35 years of experience delivering craveable flavors across snack nuts, trail mixes, and candy. Not only do we deliver this across our core products, but we have exclusive partnerships with top flavor brands to continue our path to the boldest flavors.

    Our Distributors know that our products will deliver, for both them and their customers. We have:

    • Snak Club is the #1 revenue driver in the trail mixes category per point of distribution
    • Snak Club Distributors experience highest Penny Profit in the snack nut, Trail, and candy space.
    • Snak Club Gummy candy has the highest velocity compared to national candy brands in the industry.

    Snak Club boldy drives growth in all its categories and our Distributors make more money because of it.


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